Going All Macro, All the Time

I’m trying something new.

I’ve been looking for months for a better way to share my core competency: global macro investing and trading. My public twitter account and blog no longer reward my effort the way they did when I started tweeting, disincentivizing thoughtful output. And I’ve got tons to say about patterns, narratives, correlations, investor reaction functions, position sizing tricks, portfolio construction, managing mental capital, fundamentals, etc. I live for this game.

So, I was pretty happy when I stumbled onto Premo, the brainchild of the folks at the Bespoke Investment Group. Through Premo’s new platform, I have set up a private, subscription-based Twitter account, @BehavioralMacro, and expect to add to it a locked blog in the near future. It will be all global macro, all the time. And for those of you who’ve followed me on my public Twitter feed, @mark_dow, you know what I mean when I say all the time. There will be no dog pics, no cat pics, no politics, and no puns, either. The focus will be exclusively on reading market trends, patterns and sharing my macro trading/investing processes.

Becoming a follower is easy. Once you subscribe at my @BehavorialMacro profile page on Premo, it’s done. You’re immediately added as a new follower. You can cancel the subscription at any time on Premo as well. Couldn’t be easier. I’ve already been posting to the new feed for over a week, so you should be able to get a sense of what I want to accomplish right away. Most of it will be about process. Some of it will be actionable, but the focus will not be on specific trade recommendations or a blow-by-blow of what I am doing with my portfolios. It will be about sharing my tricks, techniques and frameworks for reading markets and managing global macro risk.

DMs will be open, and I’m going to use the feed to engage as much as possible.

The subscription will be set at $30 a month—at least at the outset. Targeting institutional investors would allow me to charge considerably more, but it would then not be accessible to motivated individuals who want to piggyback on my experience to get up the learning curve faster. If I were to price it too low, I would be basically giving it away to a market segment that could and should pay more. From preliminary discussions, I suspect the price is more likely to be adjusted up rather than down, and, at some point, I may want to cap the number of followers, but it’s really too early to say for sure. I want to be responsive to how things unfold. I hope you bear with me through the trial and error.

I’m excited about this new experiment. It should allow me to better share my skill set. The platform looks cool. I hope you’ll give it a try. To join, you can subscribe below: