Official Roll Out of the New Blog

I’m really excited to roll out the new blog. I have been setting up the locked access functionality for a couple of months now, and linking it back to twitter. Pretty sure this twitter-blog link is a first. Subscribers to @Behavioralmacro will have access to all content on the blog, while non-subs will be able to see unlocked content. I can now seamlessly use both twitter and the blog to share my thoughts and experience.

It’s really easy for subscribers. All you have to do is be logged into Twitter or Tweetdeck (on the same browser), and then, with a one-click log-in (just like any other Twitter app), you’re in. From then on, the access should be seamless and invisible.

Those who don’t subscribe, will see the link to the subscription page if the post contains locked content.

Now, gotta get to it…